Our values. Our vision.

Resource-saving and sustainable, this applies to our products and services, as well as to our corporate strategy. For Rollo Solar, this means at any given time to be aware of all consequenzes in regards to ecological-, economical- and social-impacts. Only in this way Rollo Solar can preserve the environment, convince its customers, present themselves as regionally attractive employers and remain competitive.

"Sustainable action begins for us in the development of our products and ends with the recycling of these."

Innovative. Individual. Premium.

Rollo Solar has reinvented itself over and over again in its more than 30-year company history and has positioned itself as a pioneer in terms of technology as well as product design. Rollo Solar focuses on the longevity and design of its products. This starts with the selection of our regional suppliers and the highest quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, as well as the combination of design and functionality. We believe in quality - Made in Germany.

Proven Quality

Corporate environmental protection.

To improve our environmental footprint, we systematically reduce our environmental impact. We reduce our resource consumption, avoid waste and rely on innovative business and production processes to pursue a long-term closed resource cycle.

Our company building, which was built in 2014 reflects exactly this way of thinking.
A sustainable timber construction, which uses state-of-the-art lighting technology and sustainable air conditioning and heating technology.


In 2020, our photovoltaic system with an output of 213kWp on an area of over 1,200 sqm² went into operation!

Sustainable, economical, processes.

Sustainable and efficient business and production processes to generate resource-efficient, energy-efficient processes and products. For Rollo Solar, this means technological development and investment to reduce resource and energy consumption to a minimum while reducing pollutant emissions. Above all, we are banking on a paperless future and supportive, automation of our processes through software and hardware.

Rollo Solar Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility.

Business teamwork join hands together. Business teamwork concept

For Rollo Solar, this means not only making decisions on the basis of economic aspects, but also incorporating social factors at all times. Fairness, equal opportunities, appreciation and mutual cooperation characterize the way we deal with our employees and partners. With numerous contributions, we also take our social responsibilities in the region Bad Tölz seriously to act as a partner, good neighbor and attractive employer.

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