The Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH in the press, convince yourself of our company, employees and products.

We are the winner of the Business Award 2018 in Bad Tölz.


We would like to thank all employees, customers, the city of Bad Tölz and all supporters.

more information can be found in the press reports below.

Rollo Solar Customer satisfaction award

PLUS X AWARD - "With the 'Highest Customer Satisfaction 2019' award, we want to focus on those brands that respond best to their customers' needs, in the digital age, where customer support is often provided only by hotlines or by the Internet, the customer can no longer feel taken seriously. "



Süddeutsche Zeitung - "All this contributes to the steady growth of the company. Despite difficult market conditions and growing competition from abroad, jobs have never been cut, and the company has grown. The future of the company is secured, daughter Hannah will take over later. For Bad Tölz, Rollo Solar is a figurehead: a global player from the small town. "


Wirtschaftsforum-Rollo Solar

Wirtschaftsforum Verlag - "The Next Generation - At some point, even the most passionate entrepreneur will say goodbye. At the latest then begins the search for a successor. Many companies are facing problems because the right successor is missing. Not so with Rollo Solar in Bad Toelz. This is where Hannah Melichar, the daughter of the founding couple, recently took over the company."


Eusa award

EUSA - "We are pleased that we have won the "EUSA BRONZE AWARD" in the category "Automatic pool covers". The EUSA Award is awarded every year within five categories, with the best three European projects receiving a prize. "



Merkur - "The company Rollo Solar is running smoothly. The swimming pool cover business is booming, the location in Bad Tölz is optimal, and succession in the family business is also assured. The economic award of the district is the icing on the cake in 2018."


Die Welt Rollo-Solar Press

Die Welt - "Pool can be covered - The Bad Tölzer family business is one of the world's leading providers of pool covers and has provided covers for football stars around the world, such as Oliver Kahn and Mehmet Scholl, as well as folk music star Hansi Hinterseer ...."



SCHWIMMBAD + SAUNA - "Golden Wave Award" in the category Roofing & Covers. With the programming and control unit, the end positions of the pool cover can be adjusted directly at the switch and thus at the pool."


Rollo Solar - Haus und Wellness

Haus und Wellness - "Undercover in Bad Tölz - ... on the other hand to meet the European competition with the slogan"quality before price". The highest possible product and service quality and thus satisfied customers as well as employees will continue to be our guiding principle."


Sueddeutsche - Rollo Solar

Süddeutsche Zeitung - "Small companies, big business - Melichar has delivered the pool cover at Schloss Elmau, where the G7 summit takes place this year and for a villa park in Sochi, which was built for the Winter Olympics."


Rollo Solar in der Presse

Regional press - "What have celebrities such as Vladimir Putin, Mehmet Scholl, Oliver Kahn, Susanne Klatten, Hansi Hinterseer and about 1200 leading-luxury hotels like Schloss Elmau, Lanserhof in common and what does that have to do with Bad Toelz? Two questions, one answer:? Pool Covers made by Rollo Solar."


Schwimmbad + Sauna - Rollo-Solar

Schwimmbad + Sauna - "Not only for research and development purposes, Rollo Solar is building its own pool at the new business location in order to carry out product tests. In terms of quality and safety, the company works closely together with TÜV Süd, which certifies the quality of the profiles over and over again"


BSW - Rollo-Solar

BSW - "Out of the two-man business, the two have made a medium-sized enterprised, with around 60 employees, that sells its premium pool cover
"Made in Germany" internationally, for e.g. in Belgium, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Spain etc. "


Pool Magazin - Rollo-Solar

Pool Magazin - "Heart shaped pool covered - With a pool cover you show that you are energy efficient and care about the environmental protection. The cover for the heart shaped pool shows once again that the pool industry expertise meet customer requests impressively."



Schwimmbad-zu-hause.de - "A pool for children - The company Rollo Solar Melichar equipped the pool with a custom-made deck mounted system (profile 13/60) made of white PVC. The cover and deck mounted system was supplied and assembled by the Rollo Solar specialists and is saving around 80 percent of total energy consumption."


Rollo-Solar-Hydraulic system-YouTube

Youtube.de - "The largest known fully automatic lifting system for pool covers - "Fully automatic swimming pool cover, 22 x 50 meters, approx. 7 tons weight, 200 bar hydraulic power and completly - Made in Germany"

 click here for the video...


Chillisy® Blog - "the specialist for pool covers: Rollo Solar Melichar in Bad Tölz. When delivering our chillisy products we are always amazed how satisfied Rollo Solar customers are."



BSW - "Products that save energy. A swimming pool cover belongs to every pool. It reduces the cooling of the water and thus significantly reduces the energy requirement for reheating - depending on size, intensity of use and location by more than 50 percent. "



TOPRAS - "Quite tricky, At this hotel pool, the cover shouldn't been visible.
Rollo Solar, a specialist for pool covers, therefore developed a completely retractable hydraulic device, which is located outside the pool. This construction raises and lowers fully automatically. "

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