Why you should choose Rollo Solar

Superior product quality and first-class customer service

Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH - How it started and where we are standing today


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Why you should choose Rollo Solar

Superior product quality and first-class customer service

Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH - How it all started and where we are standing today

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The answers to the most frequently asked questions - so you are always well-informed

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Our values and our corporate culture - what makes us special

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What distinguishes Rollo Solar Premium swimming pool covers from other suppliers?

Our high standards of quality and uncompromising workmanship "Made in Germany" combined with sophisticated design and a worldwide service team, as well as more than 40 years of market experience are reasons that speak for a cover from Rollo Solar.
We develop and manufacture our products ourselves (even our new tubular drive) and this exclusively with German components, in addition, each of our products is subjected to an extensive test procedure before it leaves our factory, for this purpose we also use our indoor and outdoor demo pools, in which we can test our products under realistic conditions.

With the additional certification by TÜV, NF and the hail class certification of some products, we also distinguish ourselves from other suppliers.

The media, as well as several thousands of satisfied customers in Europe, can confirm this statement.

In which colors are the pool covers available?

We can offer our PC Design Covers in all RAL colors,
besides that our Covers are available in our standard colors.

What is a solar pool cover, and what are solar profiles?

A solar cover is the natural pool heating solution for your swimming pool. Our solar-powered profiles can raise the temperature of your water by up to 3 °C per day, thanks to their transparent surface and black underside.

How should the pool cover be stored during winter?

Basically, our products are designed for year-round operation.
The covers are winterproof and can be winterized in the pool (rolled up or on the water surface).

We have collected some helpful information for the correct winter storage for you here.

Please pay attention to the instructions given in the operating manual.

How are PC (polycarbonate) profiles different from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles?

Profiles made of PC (polycarbonate) are much more resistant compared to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles, i.e. in detail the temperature resistance is almost twice as high as with profiles made of PVC this prevents sun damage, secondly, the material is more impact resistant, which is why we can also offer the profiles in high hail classes. Last but not least, the smooth surface of PC profiles offers improved cleaning properties, i.e. lime and dirt on the surface do not stick so well and the profiles are therefore easier to clean. Due to the very good material characteristics, we can offer the profiles in polycarbonate in complete transparency, PVC profiles, on the other hand, always have a slight blue haze due to the characteristics of the material, this is not a disadvantage, you just have to be aware of it in advance. (see picture)

The picture shows PC-transparent (polycarbonate) in comparison to PVC-transparent (polyvinyl chloride).


What are the advantages of a swimming pool cover, and how does it benefit the environment?

The pool cover primarily helps to reduce the evaporation of the water in the swimming pool, both indoor and outdoor,
this in turn means that less water is used and the consumption of chemicals is decreased.

Less heat is lost, the heating costs are reduced and the swimming season increases, through the additional use of solar profiles, an additional heating effect can also be obtained.

The pool cover also prevents the pollution of the pool, which on the one hand requires less manual cleaning effort and on the other hand reduces the use of chemicals.

Through the use of a cover, the reopening after the winter is no longer a difficult task and costly emptying and refilling the pool is a matter of the past and freezing damages can be prevented.

Is the use of a pool cover for indoor pools useful?

By using a pool cover for indoor pools, evaporation can be reduced, with the consequence that possible mold growth is prevented, respectively, the building structure is protected. On the other hand, the energy costs can be reduced, due to the reduced need for dehumidification and the lower heating costs due to the good isolation properties of the cover.

Furthermore, the cover can also increase the level of protection against accidents!

Which pool shapes can be covered?

Almost all, whether round, square or even heart-shaped, we can equip pretty much any shape with a pool cover.

What are the maximum pool sizes that the pool covers are available for?

Our standard system are up to 6 meters wide and up to 12 meters long, but also pools up to 22 x 50 meters do not represent a problem for us.

Can swimming ponds be covered as well?

Yes, swimming ponds can also be covered with our covers, here, for instance, the DESIGN COVER PC in the color fern green is ideal,
Polycarbonate also has a smoother surface than PVC and in this case makes it easier to clean the cover.

Which standards and certifications do Rollo Solar pool covers meet?

The production as well as our products meet the highest standards. The production has been certified as compliant with the European standard by TÜV-SÜD,
we also meet the French standards and are certified by NF-France.

Our design cover profiles are also hail class certified and that up to HK hail class 3, which corresponds to a hailstone diameter of up to 4 cm.

Do ladders, counter current systems or inlet nozzles pose a problem for the realization of a pool cover?

Nozzles or a counterflow system are a challenge for any pool cover, but only if they are located in the area of the retractor, here we use special parts that enable a smooth installation and operation. Ladders also pose no problem in the realization thanks to a cut-out.

What is the distance between the pool wall and the pool cover?

Our profiles as well as the retractors are made to measure, manufactured with the highest precision to their measurements and have a gap of approx. 13mm per side.

My pool has a skimmer, is this a problem?

Both options, whether your pool has an overflow gutter or a skimmer, do not pose a problem.

Is it possible to enhance the safety of children and pets with a swimming pool cover?

The high driving force provides increased safety for children and pets, as the pool cover can prevent a deep fall in case of accidental entry or emergency, thanks to its high load capacity of up to 120 kg/m² (depending on the profile). It is safe to leave the cover at any time.

To further enhance accident protection, it is highly recommended to install a handrail or a safety edge, which are already included in many prefabricated pools.

However, it's important to note that while a pool cover can provide some level of safety, it does not replace the responsibility of parents to supervise their children and cannot guarantee complete safety.