Warranty Terms


For the duration of the warranty, we will remedy any defects in the product that are proven to be due to a defect in materials or workmanship.

We undertake, at our discretion, to replace the defective goods free of charge against defects free of defects, to remedy them or to replace an inferior value.


Product name / Material Guarantee in months
Profiles made of the material polycarbonate (PC) 60
Profiles made of the material polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 36
Profiles of the ECO PROTECT series 36
Mechanical components 24
Electrotechnical components 24
Components made of wood 24


Product name / Material Hail class certification
Design Cover (PC) / 13/60 4*
Design Cover (PC) / 15/80 3*
Design Cover (PVC) / 13/60 3*
Design Cover (PVC) / 15/80 3*

* This classification applies to new materials. Hail resistance can be reduced within a few years due to natural weathering

On the day of delivery, the buyer / operator assumes liability. From this period, the warranty periods specified in the above-mentioned begin.



The product warranty applies to normal and proper use, installation, use and only under normal conditions of use of the respective products.
The owner / operator is responsible for reducing the damage incurred and preventing further damage, for example by immediately shutting down the system in the event of damage. This warranty is valid only for immediate notification of defects.
The product warranty assumes that the performance of the products has not been reduced by measures or events that are outside the sphere of influence of Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH. The guarantee is excluded if third-party products are installed in the system.

Unauthorized interventions in the drive technology, control result in the immediate loss of any warranty


This product warranty therefore does not cover, any damage caused by:

  • Transport damage
  • Improper storage before and during installation
  • Assembly contrary to the assembly instructions (no certified specialist company)
  • Improper installation or commissioning as well as improper use or inappropriate operation
  • Impairment due to extraordinary environmental influences or other external influences, such as Smoke, salt, chemicals and other contaminants,
  • Non-observance of the operating instructions
  • Non-compliance with locally applicable safety regulations
  • Damage that does not affect the actual function and is essentially optical in nature
  • Force majeure (eg lightning, overvoltage, storm, hail damage (which lies outside the hailstone size of the respective hail class of the product)
  • Normal wear or lack of maintenance
  • Mechanical damage e.g. by accident, falling, etc.
  • Non-Rollo Solar approved remedial measures or other remedial action by the end user or a third party
  • Vandalism and theft by third parties


Warranty coverage

This product warranty covers the cost of materials necessary to restore the trouble-free function. All other costs, in particular for service personnel during the repair, as well as transport costs are not covered by this product warranty. Further claims under this product guarantee do not exist, in particular claims for replacement of a direct or indirect damage caused by a defective product, costs for assembly and disassembly or lost profits, are not covered by this product guarantee. Possible claims arising from product liability remain unaffected. For newly delivered or repaired products, only the remaining time of the original warranty period applies. Due to the technical progress, it is possible that some components of the replacement system


Design, color and material changes are reserved Rollo Solar as part of the technical advancements.