When planning a swimming pool a recessed system is the first choice. This variant is applicable to all types of pools, e.g. concrete or masonry pools with foil or tile covering and plastic or stainless steel basin.

We offer a wide range of installation and cladding variants, as well as different profile versions, so the whole system can be perfectly fitted into your design.
Rollo Solar also offers advanced drive technology with high-quality gear motors and advanced control technology for any application. For your enhanced comfort, we offer you: The Rollo Solar Control (RSC), which is compatible with all common pool controls, as well as bus controls.

General Info:

For new constructions the most frequent variant

Blinds out of view

Suitable for almost all types of pools - various installation options possible

Aesthetic, matching pool paneling variants

Use of high-performance plastics for gentle barrel

Modern control technology - remote control possible

Certified drives (CE mark)

Two types of drives - tubular (motor in the shaft) or external drive

Cleaning advantages

Installation options in the overview

Winding system exposed

Wickel offen am Beckenrand

Bench (One- or two-sided)

Verkelidet mit Sitzbank

Recessed (in-channel) system

Schacht am Beckenrand

System for low lying "rucksack" channel in the pool floor extension.

Rucksackschacht in Beckenbodenverlängerung

System in a top mounted "rucksack" channel (high water level also possible)

Obenliegender Rucksackschacht

Electric flap

Schacht mittig im Becken


Seating bench models

The one-sided or two-sided bench is available in plastics materials, as well as in high-quality V4A stainless steel or PVC. Tiling is also possible.

Grating / Cladding

The wooden grate can be customized to your individual desires, we offer the following types of woods: larch, teak, bongassi, sipo mahogany, plus many other types of wood up on request. The plastic grating is available in white or gray. Both versions support a load capacity of up to 200kg/m² and are suitable for recessed systems in a top mounted "rucksack" channel, as well as with high water levels.


The panel serves as a sight protection for the retractor system in the low-lying rucksack channel in the pool floor extension or pelvic floor and is available in white, gray PVC, as well as in stainless steel. There is also the possibility of tiling the PVC panels.

Electric flap

The electric flap is made of high quality V4A stainless steel and will be installed either vertically or horizontally in the "rucksack" channel or horizontally within the pelvic floor. This type of installation is mainly used for oval pools or specially shaped pools.