The correct retractor system for your cover

Recessed system

Realised by Leidenfrost Pools

Plan to build a new swimming pool?

Here we recommend an early scheduling of an underfloor system which, for example, can be integrated with a seat cladding optimally into your pool concept.

Deck Mounted System

Here you can see a deck mounted system, Bauhaus style with wooden cladding

If you already have a pool the retrofitting with an above-ground facility is also possible and is the least complicated variant. You can also use the above-ground facility to lie on the surface, the top is customizable with any kind of texture.

Lift System


You already own a pool but the installation of an above-ground facility is not an option for you? Then the lifting system is the perfect option for you, since it can be placed next to the pool into the ground and is only visble when operated.

We have made it our mission to provide you with the maximum of comfort and safety. Depending on your requirements, of  your individual pool type the correct retractorg can be found here.

You are welcome to visit the showroom Pool Place in Rheinau (Germany) to get an idea how your future cover looks like!


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