The revolutionary fourth chamber provides more buoyancy and safety. With a load capacity of up to 100kg / m² of the 13/60 profile and a load capacity of up to 120kg / m² of the 15/80 profile, these profiles meet the highest standards. Due to the very large air chambers, the insulation properties are unique. Of course, our profiles are also available as a solar variant, the transparent surface and the black bottom of the profile allow a maximum absorption of sunlight and help you to heated up your pool by up to 37,4° fahrenheit during the day. Our aluminium look profiles should also be highlighted, which offer a unique look for your pool. Through the special designed surface and the redesigned linking of the profiles you also benefit from a significant improved cleaning process.

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4-chamber hollow profile

Polycarbonate (PC)

NF certification

13/60 mm - 100 kg/m² - hail class 3

15/80 mm - 120 kg/m² - hail class 2

5 years warranty

Easy cleaning thanks to the very smooth surface (only with water)

Solar profiles and aluminum, copper look available

All RAL colors (very dark shades only after feasibility analysis)

fern green - azure - lagoon - transparent - white aluminium/black (solar) - NEW! copper / black (solar) - transparent/steel blue (solar) - transparent/black (solar) - leaf-green/black (solar)

No visible weld

Plugged or glued end cap's !?
Not with us, thanks to the latest welding technology!


Profiles 13/60 and 15/80 in comparison

Thanks to the hollow 4th chamber up to 120kg buoyancy per m² for 15/80

Profile comparison 13/60 to 15/80

Sun at Work! - Solar variation 

The natural pool heating: gain up to 3°C (37 Fahrenheit) per day!

Alle RAL-Farben möglich

Your color is not present, no problem, we can supply any RAL color!

(Very dark shades only after feasibility analysis)

Standard colors in the overview