Sustainability & Goals

We are becomeing more and more sustainable and are reduceing our ecological footprint. In addition to medium- and long-term corporate planning, this also includes efficient processes as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing of our products and the avoidance of waste.


In 2019, we began analyzing our weaknesses and deriving ideas from them as part of an energy audit.


The first measures mainly relate to the optimization of machinery, ventilation, heating and the efficient use of excess heat, and efficient building control systems.
Through these initial measures, we want to consume significantly less energy from external sources and generate less CO2.


We have therefore decided to produce a large part of our required energy (electricity) ourselves.


We have laid the first foundation for this optimization with our photovoltaic system, which went into operation in 2020.


Modernization of building technology (heating, air conditioning, lighting)

Utilization of waste heat from production

Installation of a photovoltaic system

Process optimization & waste reduction

LIVE data of the PV system