Taking into account safety aspects, like uninvited guests or changing weather conditions, it is useful to protect the inside from the outer area of the pool.
Whether large or small pools, our vertical pool separations in the form of a roller shutter fit in perfectly within the design of your pool.
The vertical separation comes in the form of a roller shutter with or without pedestal. The aluminum roller shutter cladding is available in all RAL colors. The roller shutter is also available in brushed stainless steel or plastic.

For cold regions and winter operation, we recommend a combination of shutter roll door and two weather aprons, a 4 mm thick PVC strip curtain. (One is already included)

Shutter roll door vailable in brushed stainless steel or plastic

Housing enclosure available in all RAL colors

Shutter roll door available with or without pedestal

Electric drive - 230 / 24V (other types on request)