Cover comparison

We offer different swimming pool covers (profiles). On the one hand, the profiles of the Design Cover series, which are available in sizes* 13/60 and 15/80. These are available in two materials polycarbonate (PC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The materials differ mainly in the technical properties, cleaning properties and a greater colour variation, as well as our extended warranty times. A detailed overview and a comparison of the variants can be found below.


If you have any questions about planning, installation, technical aspects, etc., then it is best to look at our FAQ!

Properties / Cover

    • Size*
    • Colours
    • Solar variant**
    • Warranty***
    • Material
    • Certification
    • Hail class****
    • Cleaning properties
    • Temperature
    • Price

Design Cover - PC

    • 13/60 and 15/80
    • All RAL colors
    • Yes
    • 5 years
    • PC-Polycarbonate
    • NF
    • Up to hail class 3
    • + + + +
    • + + + +
    • €€€€

Design Cover - PVC

    • 13/60
    • 3 standard colors
    • Yes
    • 3 years
    • PVC-polyvinyl chloride
    • NF
    • Up to hail class 3
    • + +
    • + +
    • €€

Mini Cover

    • 9/50
    • 2 standard colors
    • No
    • 3 years
    • PVC-polyvinyl chloride
    • None
    • none
    • +
    • + +

* Size of profiles: height x width in mm

** Using Solar Profiles will keep your pool water warming up to 3 ° C / 37,4 Fahrenheit per day.

*** You can find our warranty terms here.

**** Rollo Solar® profiles are certified up to hail class 3 to ensure your pool cover withstands even severe weather.

More facts about our covers


Here in the picture - Design Profil, PC, Transparent Solar, 15/80


The surface of the profile is transparent and therefore allows the sun's irradiation to heat the black-colored underside and thus the pool water, this effect allows you to heat your water up to 3°C (37°F) per day.
Colours & Sizes

  • Profil: Design cover solar, 4 chamber hollow profile, up to 120kg/m² (264 lbs./m²) load capacity
  • Colours*: white aluminium, steel blue, transparent, leaf-green, copper
  • Material: PC or PVC
  • Sizes: 13/60 or 15/80
*Attention: Available color depending on the material

Our different profile sizes
Infographic profile in size comparison
Here you can see our different profile sizes from which you can choose. Our biggest profile is the 15/80, which is 15mm high and 80mm wide. It offers the greatest buoyancy of all profiles and is available as a design profile in PC or PVC.
The profile 13/60 is 13mm high and 60mm wide, it offers similar features to the profile 15/80, but the load-bearing capacity is not quite as high as for profiles in size 15/80. The design profile 13/60 in PC also offers the highest hail class 3.

The mini profile, also known as 9/50, is 9mm high and 50mm wide, it is made of PVC and has no hail class certification.

The Covers, which are available in PC (polycarbonate) as well as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), offer excellent insulation properties and are winter-resistant. The profiles are available in different colours, whereby we can even offer the design covers in PC in all RAL colors, the color matching end caps seal the profiles air- and water-resistant.

The optional use of solar cover also ensures that your pool water heats up to 3°C / 37,4 Fahrenheit per day.

The Design Cover swimming pool covers in PC and PVC offer even more buoyancy and safety than comparable products thanks to the fourth additional air chamber.

Profile material comparison

Polycarbonate - PC

  • Market launch in 1953
  • Temperature resistant up to approx. 120°C / 248 Fahrenheit
  • Hardly inflammable
  • Brine resistant
  • Rot resistand
  • Very smooth surface structure, therefore reduced dirt adhesion
  • Shape-resistant even at high temperatures
  • Comprehensive recycling system

Polyvinyl chloride - PVC

  • Market launch in 1935
  • Temperature resistant up to approx. 60°C / 140 Fahrenheit
  • Acid resistant
  • Brine resistant
  • Rot resistant
  • Relatively open-pored (adhesion of lime, soot, etc.)
  • Relatively Soft (flexible)
  • Comprehensive recycling system