Our products are not only characterized by the excellent quality which is highlighted in the press, but they are also tested and certified at regular intervals.


Proven Quality

Rollo Solar is committed to the highest quality of raw materials, starting with the careful selection of our suppliers.

Our modern production site and state-of-the-art manufacturing and IT processes ensure the highest possible product processing at all times.

The constant monitoring within the production and the analysis of our products under real conditions guarantee you a long lasting enjoyment of your product.

Hail class certification

In recent years, damage to buildings caused by storms has increased significantly, and more than a third of this damage was caused by hail. Therefore, we decided to construct the profiles/covers of the Design Cover Series in such a way that they withstand hail to the greatest possible degree. Due to the increased wall thicknesses, the profiles of the Design Cover series have a hail class certification of at least HK 2, i.e. hailstones with a diameter of up to 2.0 (0.78 inch) CM. The Design Cover PC covers in size 13/60 even up to a hailstone size of 3.0 CM (1.18 inch) in diameter.


More about the classifications:


Click here to go to the Vereinigung Kantonaler Gebäudeversicherungen VKG - Product Hail Register (Clients from Switzerland)


Click here to go to EPZ - Elementarschaden Präventionszentrum - An initiative of the Austrian Fire Prevention Agencies (Clients from Austria)



Download the certificate: (Valid until 12/2025)


LNE certification - testing according to NF P 90-308

Since we are active throughout Europe (see press), we have decided to let our products be monitored by the LNE (already in 2006) regarding the requirements according to the french applicable safety regulations (NF P 90-308).

Click here for the LNE.


Download of certificates:

Products according to the EU Timber Regulation

Our environment is important to us. Therefore, we not only produce products that save energy, but are also sustainable, this also applies to our raw materials used.


Therefore, all our woods used comply with the EU Timber Trade Regulation.


"...Die "Sorgfaltspflichtregelung - due diligence system" includes, among other things, information on the species and origin of the wood, facts about the supplier, and procedures to assess and reduce the risk that the wood may be illegally harvested..." Source: "Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food"
"Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung (BLE)"


Download the certificate:

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