FAQ - Frequently asked questions about our pool covers

What advantages does a swimming pool cover offer and how does it contribute to environmental protection?

The pool cover primarily helps to reduce the evaporation of the swimming pool, both in the indoor pool and in the outdoor pool ,,
This in turn means that less water is used and the consumption of chemicals is reduced.


Less heat is lost, heating costs are reduced, and the bathing season is extended, with the additional use of solar profiles, which can also provide an additional heating effect.

The swimming pool cover also prevents contamination of the swimming pool, which requires less manual cleaning and reduces the use of chemicals.

In addition, the use of a cover makes it no longer a problem to put the system back into operation after the winter and emptying and refilling the pool is a thing of the past, as well as frost damage can be prevented.

What differentiates Rollo Solar pool covers from other suppliers?

Our high standards of quality and the uncompromising workmanship "Made in Germany" paired with sophisticated design and a global service team, as well as more than 30 years of market experience are reasons that speak in favor for a Rollo Solar cover.
We develop and manufacture our products ourselves (even our new tubular drive) and exclusively with German components. In addition, each of our products is subjected to a complex test procedure before it leaves our factory. We also use our demo pools indoors and outdoors, in which we can test our products under real time conditions.

With the additional certification by TÜV, NF and the Hail-Class-Certification (Hagelklassertertifizierung) of some products, we also differ from other suppliers.

The press, as well as several thousands of satisfied customers in Europe can confirm this statement.

Can I increase safety for children and pets with a swimming pool cover?

Increased safety due to high buoyancy for children and pets.

Which swimming pool covers are available and which one is the right one?

We offer different retractors and different profiles for every application,
since the requirements of our customers are sometimes very different, we or your  dealer will be pleased to advise you.

Profiles: Here we offer four different variants, which differ in their properties (buoyancy, hail class, colors, size, shape, certification ...).

Roll-up devices: Here, we offer a wide range of installation variants and coverings (wood, aluminum, plastic ...) from deck mounted systems to our hydraulic lift system and roller shutter door.

Is the use of a cover in the indoor pool useful?

By using a pool cover in the indoor pool, evaporation can be reduced, with the result that possible mold formation is prevented, as well as the building substance is protected. On the other hand, the energy costs can be reduced, by the less needed dehumidification and on the other hand by reduced heating costs, due to the good insulation properties of the cover.

What shouldn't  be forgotten is the increased accident protection that can be achieved!

Can swimming ponds also be covered?

Yes, also swimming ponds can be covered with our covers, here for example the Design Profile PC in the color fern green is a good solution.

Polycarbonate also has a smoother surface than PVC and makes cleaning much more easier.

Up to which pool size are the systems available?

Our standard system is up to 6 meters wide and up to 15 meters long, but also pools up to 22 x 50 meters pose no problem for us, see example video lift 22 x 50 meters.

42/5000 Which pool shapes can be covered?

Almost all, whether round, square or even heart-shaped (see press), we can provide just about any shape with a swimming pool cover.

Can a Rollo Solar pool cover be retrofitted?

Yes, we also offer different options here.

Some examples:

A deck mounted system e.g. can be retrofitted at any time, a recessed system can also be retrofitted thanks to a core hole drilling or the use of a tubular motor,
Furthermore, it is possible to retrofit it via hanging using V4A side plates.

Benötigt diese Poolabdeckung Schienen?

No, our systems do not require guide rails. Since the profiles are unwound from the shaft and must not be pulled as conventional foil covers.

Is a pool cover possible with an overflow channel?

Ja, grundsätzlich stellt eine Überlaufrinne kein Problem für eine Poolabdeckung dar. Bei einem Pool mit Überlaufrinne setzen wir je nach Rinnenkonstruktion, Pooltyp und Material, Führungsstifte, Führungsschienen ein.

Achtung!: Der Bereich zwischen Rinne und Pool wird grundsätzlich nicht abgedeckt!

Tipp: Wir empfehlen daher (s.o.) grundsätzlich das Absenken des Wasserstands mit einer Nachtabsenkung vorzusehen.


 Mit Nachtabsenkung und ohne Nachtabsenkung im Vergleich


My swimming pool has a skimmer, is this a problem?

No, if your swimming pool has an overflow channel or a skimmer, both options are not a problem.

In which colors are the pool covers available?

Our PC Design profiles are available in all RAL colors, otherwise our profiles are available in our standard colors.

Of course we can also design solar profiles according to your wishes. 2-color, transparent red (solar) or suitable for your curb etc.

What is a solar cover? What are solar profiles?

A solar cover is the "natural pool heater" for your pool.
Our solar-powered profiles heat the water up to 3 ° C per day,
the transparent surface and the black bottom provide this additional effect.
You need more information about our solar profiles, then click here.

How are PC (polycarbonate) profiles different from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) profiles?

PC (polycarbonate) profiles are much more resistant than PVC (polyvinylchloride) profiles, i. In particular, the temperature resistance is almost twice as high as with PVC profiles, this prevents sun damage, on the other hand, the material is impact resistant, which is why we can offer the profiles in high hail classes (hail resistant).

Last but not least, the smooth surface of PC profiles provides improved cleaning properties, i. Limescale and surface dirt does not adhere so well and the profiles are therefore easier to clean. Due to the very good material properties, we can offer the polycarbonate profiles in completely transparent, while PVC profiles always have a slight blue haze due to the material. This is not a disadvantage, you just have to be aware of it. (see image)


Pictured here - PC transparent (polycarbonate) versus PVC transparent (polyvinyl chloride)

What is the load capacity of the profiles?

The load capacity of our profiles varies depending on the model and is up to 120kg/m² for the Design Cover Profile in size 15/80.

What materials are the retractors and profiles made of?

Our equipment and products are made exclusively from the highest quality materials,
This applies to our built-in parts as well as to our cladding and of course to our profiles/covers, which are manufactured in the highest quality plastics available.

Where can I see the different installation variants and profile types?

You are welcome to enter our showroom in our factory in Bad Toelz, here we have, among other things, three demo pools, so you can get an overview of our installation variants and profiles, (make an appointment now) also you can visit Poolsplace in Rheinau (Germany).

Feel free to talk to your dealer and have a look at our cover sample folder.

Which standards and certifications do Rollo Solar covers meet?

The production as well as our products meet the highest standards.
The production was certified as suitable by the TÜV-SÜD for the European standard,
We also comply with French standards and are NF-France certified.

Our design cover profiles are also hail class certified up to HK hail class 4,
which corresponds to a hailstone diameter of up to 4cm.

Do you also offer inflatable pool covers?

No, we don't offer no inflatable pool covers. Alternatively, we recommend the use of the Mini Profile, or the Design Covers PVCs, which are both a very good alternative to inflatable covers.

Do ladders, countercurrent systems or nozzles pose a problem for the realization of a pool cover?

Nozzles or a countercurrent system is a challenge for any pool cover, but only if it is in the area of the rewinder, we have special parts in use that allow smooth installation and operation. Thanks to cut-outs, e.g. ladders are no problem in the realization.

How much distance is between the pool wall and the pool cover?

Our profiles/covers as well as the retractors are made to measure with the highest precision possible and have a gap of approx. 13mm on each side.

Which type of drive is better, the tubular motor or a system with external motor?

In principle, it can not be said that one or the other form of drive is better, since this depends on the respective conditions.

A system with external motor drive basically requires a motor shaft whose construction is of course associated with costs and in the subsequent retrofitting of a swimming pool cover more expensive, since here, for example a core hole drilling for the wall bushing must be made. The external motor, on the other hand, offers an advantage in the case of service or maintenance work, since the motor can be easily reached.

A system with tubular motor has the advantage that the motor is housed within the shaft of the pool cover and therefore it can be easily retrofitted, also it eliminates the construction of a motor shaft. Some pelvic materials also allow no other drive.
The motors we use are of the highest quality and maintenance-free in normal operation.

more information about the engines ...

Are the systems suitable for the sole use?

Yes, but must be marked as such when ordering. For use in brine pools, we offer special materials that are tailored to the respective brine content of the water.

Are your systems BUS-system compatible?

Of course, you can also control our systems with your BUS system,
Our control technology allows you to directly connect your BUS systme and in addition, you can open, close and stop the system.

How much is a swimming pool cover?

Here we can not make a general statement. Our products are individually tailored to your needs and there are numerous combinations available.

We have the right product combination in our assortment for "almost" every requirement. The biggest cost factor is the area to be covered and the desired installation variant, from the simple system without paneling to the complex lifting system or a system with an electric flap.

Together with your specialist dealer, we will find the right variant for your pool


How long is the delivery time of my pool cover?

The delivery time of an installation is usually 3-4 weeks after completing the scale, possibly longer in the main season. (5-6 weeks).

Can I pick up my pool cover directly from you?

Of course, you can receive your ordered goods directly from us at the factory in Bad Tölz.

How long does it take to install a pool cover?

Depending on the model, the installation can take up to four hours.

Are the profiles recyclable?

For the production of our profiles only pure material is used, this is shredded after cleaning and added as granules to the production process.

Can I use the pool cover all year?

Basically yes, in winter operation, however, a few points should be taken into account, as cold temperatures can influence the mechanical / physical properties of the profiles/cover.

In winter operation, the following points should be noted:

-The swimming pool cover can be left on the water, but the water should have a temperature of at least 5°C in order to prevent greater snow accumulation. The swimming pool cover should not be moved as frost can damage the mechanical parts. Leaves and foliage should be removed from the cover as the tannins may cause discoloration on the cover.

- For recessed systems, the swimming pool cover, of course, also remain rolled up in the shaft, so that it is protected from sunlight.

- In the case of a deck mounted system, it can be rolled up to protect it from sunlight and isolate it.

What to do with the pool cover in winter?

Basically, our products are designed for year-round operation.
The covers are winter proof and can be kept in the pool (rolled up or on the water surface)

We have put together some tips for the right wintering here.

Please observe the instructions given in the operating instructions.

How do I clean my pool cover the best?

PVC profiles are best cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner at a maximum of 40 ° C, in addition you can use our special cleaner, Rollo Alkasal (cleaner) and Rollo Kalfort (especially against lime)

Attention! PC profiles may only be cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner and water at a maximum water temperature of 120°C, all other types of cleaning or cleaning agents may damage the profiles.

My system is not working, what can I do?

We are sorry, the link below will help you quickly with a number of problems that you can fix yourself.

Click here for help If you can not solve your problem despite our instructions, please contact your dealer or, in the last instance, us.

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