Swimming pool cover during winter time

With our tips you and your pool cover will get through the winter well.

In summer and in winter

Our products are basically designed for year-round operation.

We only use materials that meet the highest requirements. Polycarbonate as a material is temperature resistant to -60°C, PVC to -50°C and PUR to -40°C. An optional winter cover for your pool is therefore normally not necessary due to the temperature. Our cover can be rolled up or stay on the water surface. This way, our cover reliably protects a pool in winter and summer from leaves, small animals, dirt and additionally increases the protection against accidents.

The instructions given must be observed to avoid damage.

(For detailed information, please refer to the operating instructions or specialist dealer)

Tips / Checklist

Remove any dirt in the pool and keep the cover free from dirt to avoid discoloration.

Lower the water level to a frost-proof level. Check the level regularly.

During floating overwintering, please keep the water temperature constantly at least +5°C to prevent damage.

For PVC covers, especially solar, make sure that they always have complete contact with the water surface. There is a risk of sun damage to the profiles.