TÜV SÜD certification √

This year, again, we were able to successfully achieve the certification by TÜV-SÜD for our high production quality.

Once again, we can say: that we fully meet the high standards of the TÜV SÜD in terms of quality in regards of our swimming pool covers.

As one of a few manufacturers in our industry, we are able to demonstrate the certification by the NF-France as well.

Furthermore, thanks to our increased wall strengths, we are the only manufacturer to present an record within the hail protection register for many of our products.

TÜV Certificate






Hail class certification

13-60---PC-Design-Cover-Hagelklassenzertifizierung-1 13-60---PVC-Design-Cover-Hagelklassenzertifizierung-115-80---PC-Design-Cover-Hagelklassenzertifizierung-115-80---PVC-Design-Cover-Hagelklassenzertifizierung-1