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Due to the situation caused by the virus Covid-19, we have created this page to inform you at any time about the current status inside Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH.


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our action plan has been in place. All our employees and suppliers have been comprehensively informed about essential preparation and prevention measures to ensure operations and delivery capability.

Availability by business units

Quote from the German government: "Let us gradually reopen public and economic life, always keeping in mind the development of the pandemic," said Chancellor Angela Merkel. 
Source: Bundesregierung.de

Status: 14th Sep 2021


Last change:

26.03 Free CORONA test offers for Rollo Solar employees

26.03 No service calls in virus variant areas

26.03 The situation on the commodity markets comes to a head

21.09 No service calls in Vienna (Austria) (since 16.09), Spain (02.09) (see below)

14.05 Adjustments UPS shipments (As usual)

27.04 Adjustments UPS shipments (the situation has improved)

08.04 Service in Austria resumed!


Since Rollo Solar relies exclusively on suppliers from Germany, our production capacity is currently not limited.
The situation on the raw material markets is coming to a head, we are actively monitoring our supply chain and reacting on a daily basis.

All our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of free weekly COVID quick tests.

Customer service & general availability
At the moment there are no known COVID-19 cases within Rollo Solar Melichar GmbH. Our staff is still available as usual.

Rollo Solar cooperates with different logistics companies. At the moment, all goods deliveries (also cross-border) are possible.
Since the situation can change constantly, a final statement is not possible.

On-site assistance / travel activities

The safety and health of our employees are a top priority. We, therefore, adhere strictly to the official instructions and recommendations of the German Foreign Office and the German Federal Ministry of Health. Foreign assignments, therefore, take place in each case after consideration of and compliance with the official instructions.


In addition to mandatory testing for international travel, all of our employees have the opportunity to take weekly COVID rapid tests free of charge.


Due to the RKI's classification as a risk area, no service in:

We currently do not offer service in virus variant areas!


List of virus variants areas and risk areas

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